On February 4, 2013, the Moravian Church lost a great father and dear friend: the Rt. Rev. Milo Loppnow. He cared so deeply about his beloved Moravian Church and its people; he always had time to talk, share a blessing, discuss a concern, or pray with any and everyone who called or walked through his door. He was extremely generous and wasn’t afraid to encourage others to give to the church as well; I’m sure if you speak with anyone at Marquardt Village, the Moravian retirement community in Watertown, Wisconsin, he or she would tell you of Milo’s many gifts to them and the facility. In fact, Milo and his wife Gertrude worked with us to create several gift annuities which provided them with a steam of income during their lifetimes and which resulted in a gift to Marquardt after Milo passed away.